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How the HVAC Industry is Adapting with Climate Change

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  • How the HVAC Industry is Adapting with Climate Change

25 May

How the HVAC Industry is Adapting with Climate Change

As more and more attention is given to climate change and the environment, the HVAC industry like many others is forced to adapt with improved technology. These technological improvements are saving the environment, and reducing consumers monthly energy costs. HVAC products continue to evolve and Energy Star ratings are climbing to save as much energy as possible.

Ultimately, this means HVAC products are utilizing their energy source more efficiently - consuming less gas or electricity. The higher the SEER rating, the more a heating or cooling unit will save the consumer by lowering utility bills and overall energy costs.

With higher efficient products, the industry is lowering their impact on climate change. Less fuel is used which lowers carbon emissions and has less impact on the environment. With approximately 50% of a home's energy consumption coming from heating and cooling, going more energy efficient can have a huge impact on energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Industry efforts are also coming in the form of refrigerant. With global efforts to phase out R22 refrigerant by 2019, the industry is changing to a more environmentally friendly 410A refrigerant. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it is also more energy efficient. R22 refrigerant is composed of hydrogen, carbon, fluorine and chlorine and has been reported to cause negative effects to the ozone layer. The safer 410A refrigerant is just another way the HVAC industry is looking to save the environment and lower consumer's energy bills.

If you are looking to reduce your monthly energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment, consider upgrading the a high efficient heating or cooling system. Ask our experts to compare your energy costs now to what you might be paying with a system upgrade. We offer free, in-home, no-obligation sales consultations and welcome the opportunity to discuss your home's HVAC system. We are available 24/7 by phone at (204) 953-5700 or can be reached online.