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Buying a Used Furnace. Smart or Not?

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  • Buying a Used Furnace. Smart or Not?

25 Oct

Buying a Used Furnace. Smart or Not?

A new furnace is a major investment. It can be a costly expense but critical for your home. Some might see this as an opportunity to save a few bucks by purchasing a used furnace from another home owner. However, there are a few reasons we don't recommend buying anything used, here's why.

Potentially Hazardous
Older furnaces, especially gas units, could be a fire hazard if you are not familiar with its maintenance records. Installing a malfunctioning or broken furnace can be very dangerous and put your home and safety in jeopardy.

Although the upfront cost savings might seem appealing, the used furnace will not come with warranty. If the unit breaks down after or during install, you will not be covered. There is a very real chance that a repair bill will be coming in the very near future - and it won't be covered by any type of warranty.

Older furnaces are less energy efficient. Today, new units come with a SEER rating or at least 13. You will likely only find a used unit with a SEER rating of 10 or less - meaning it will use much more energy to run and increase your monthly energy bills. Also, because it does not run efficiently, the furnace lifespan is sure to be a lot shorter than a new unit.

The biggest reason for not purchasing a second hand furnace is simply because of all the unknowns. You probably have no idea how it was treated, run or maintained. What repairs did it need throughout its life? How much did it cost to run it? Are there issues you will be taking on without realizing it? And, when will it finally bite the dust?

We never recommend buying a second hand furnace. We have from time to time suggested refurbished units that have undergone thorough inspection, repaired and resold with a warranty package from a reputable HVAC company. The best, and safest practice to protect your home investment is to purchase a new, current efficient product with full warranty. This protects the homeowner and ensures they are getting the best, safest product possible.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical we are furnace experts. If you have questions about your furnace and would like to know what we recommend for your next heating solution, contact us anytime at (204) 953-5700. We offer free, in-home, no obligation sales calls.

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