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News - Heating

23 Dec

HVAC System Safety Tips During the Holidays

The holiday season is here - so enjoy the festive decorating activities around your home. As you transform your indoor space into a winter wonderland, please be mindful of your heating system and avoid making some mistakes that are questionable to safety and efficiency standards.

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25 Nov

Keeping Snow Away from Heating Intakes and Exhaust Pipes

When heavy snowfall happens, most of our focus turns to roads and driveways. In the world of HVAC, when it snows heavily, we focus on intake vents and exhaust pipes. If snow blocks any of these two items, it can cause significant damage and be very dangerous. It is important to keep snow or debris away from HVAC vents or exhaust pipes.

Tag: Heating
25 Oct

Furnace Selections for Historic Homes

Renovating historic home into beautiful living spaces, Bed and Breakfasts and restaurants is trending. Developers are bringing life back to some historic homes that need a lot of TLC. A big consideration for this renovation is the heating and cooling needs of that property. In this post we will give our insight on what to look for in adding a heating system to the structure.

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25 Sep

5 Warning Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

Sadly, summer has come and gone. As temps begin to fall, responsible homeowners should begin preparing their HVAC systems for the long, upcoming winter. In the next few weeks, heating and cooling companies will begin their busy season as residents begin relying on their furnace for in-home comfort.

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25 Mar

Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Spring is right around the corner. By now, our heating systems have put in a lot of work keeping us warm over the long winter. It's almost time to start thinking about our cooling systems. However, over the next couple months we may find ourselves bouncing back and fourth between needing heat and needing cool air. We can't totally ignore the need for our furnace yet.

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15 Nov

Interior Design Tips that Help Warm Up Your Home

We always recommend investing in your home to keep it functioning optimally and kept as safe as possible. Proper insulation, venting and HVAC are a necessity in our climate and should be given priority in our living budget. However, there are some fashionable interior design tricks that will help warm up cold spots in your home short-term until you are able to address the root source of your heating issues.

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30 Oct

Preparing Your Heating System for a Snowstorm

As we get deeper into the fall season and wait for winter to approach, it's inevitable. Snow is coming soon! Winter often roars in with a huge dump of wet snow and we retreat to the comfort of our homes. However, have you ever given consideration to your heating system and what it needs to work optimally during these snowy conditions?

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26 Jan

The Good and the Bad on Portable Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a 'quick-fix' in regards to your winter comfort. When the long, cold winter months set in, we typically raise the temperature on our central heating units. This is when people often turn to the use of space heaters. There is a certain role portable space heaters can play if you don't intend on warming your entire house - a quick, short-term solution.

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24 Nov

8 Home Heating Tips for Your Holiday Party

If you plan on hosting a holiday get-together over the Christmas season, you may think that food, drink and decorations are all you need to think about. However, with temps dipping as low as 30 below, you shouldn't forget about the comfort of your guests - and that begins with your heating system. We have a few suggestions to keep your guests comfortable while they enjoy a wonderful holiday party.

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22 dec

Controlling Humidity Through the Winter Months

During our long winters, one of the most common issues we deal with is dryness. Lack of proper humidity levels can lead to dry skin, dry throats and can even cause damage to your home with cracked walls and flooring. The fluctuation in humidity levels from summer to winter creates an ongoing battle for a consistent environment.

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18 sep

Sniff Test; What's That Furnace Start Up Smell?

As Manitobans, October is a popular month for booting up our furnaces for the first time of the season. In fact, we might bounce and and fourth during sporadic fall temps. When we start up our furnaces after 4 or 5 months off, we usually experience that initial furnace smell - that hint of dust that has settled on your furnace.

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5 apr

How Important is a Clean Furnace?

This is the time of year where relying on our heating system becomes a necessity more than a luxury. Having a reliable furnace in our geographic location is critical. Your furnace is an appliance just like all the others in your home, and it requires maintenance just like the rest. Often our furnaces get overlooked because it is out of site and out of mind. However, properly scheduled maintenance plan will keep your furnace operating at it’s highest performance longer - keeping your family safe in those long, cold winter months.

Tag: Heating
23 mar

Selecting the Right Furnace for Your Home

Selecting the right furnace for your home is key for creating the most comfortable, safe indoor environment possible for your family. While comfort and safety are priorities in choosing the right furnace, you should also consider cost and energy efficiency as well.

Tag: Heating
2 feb

Getting Ready to Start Up Your Furnace for Winter

Fall is upon us and cool temps are well on their way. Fall can bring mixed bag of weather - causing us to bounce back and fourth from furnace to air conditioning. However, Fall provides homeowners a great opportunity to get their furnaces ready for winter without having to fully rely on them for survival. Below you will find a list of things you should do before you start your furnace for the first time this season.

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29 jan

Selecting the Right Furnace Filter

It’s not an exciting topic, but one that requires some attention. Selecting the right furnace filter for your home’s HVAC system will result in optimal quality of air and budget. Furnace filters provide protection from harmful particles being circulated in your home - trapping the pollutants before you have a chance of breathing them in.

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