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25 Sept

Window AC vs Central AC

When deciding between a window AC and central AC, the decision will ultimately come down to two factors... cost and efficiency. Let's break these down to see what is best for your home. When we look into cost, there is more to consider than just the initial purchase price...

Tag: Cooling
25 June

Should Windows be Open While my AC is On?

Opening your windows can help vent your home in the summer. During the evening it also allows warm air to escape provided the indoor temps are higher than the outdoor temps. However, should you open you windows on a hot day while your AC runs?

Tag: Cooling
25 May

The Most Common AC Problems

Air conditioners play an important role in our homes. They keep us comfortable in the hot summer temps and keep our homes protected from excessive humidity levels. Repairs can be costly, so we recommend regular seasonal maintenance to ensure your investment is working to its fullest capabilities...

Tag: Cooling
25 Sep

Getting Your AC Ready for a Long Winter Nap

Our AC has worked hard all summer long - especially this year as we hit the record for number of days over 30 degrees celsius! Give it some love back by taking a few steps to prepare it for the long winter ahead. Doing so will provide a better chance of startup in the spring.

Tag: Cooling
25 Apr

8 AC Myths That are Costing you Money

In our industry, we are privy to many myths when it comes to air conditioning. There are plenty of them, so we decided to compile some of the most common myths and reveal the misconceptions in order to help homeowners save their hard-earned money. Here are the top 8 most common AC myths we hear.

Tag: Cooling
25 Mar

How Properly Functioning Air Conditioning Impacts our Health

It's important for every home owner to know they have created the best, safest indoor environment possible. Air purity is top of mind these days as we all look for the best ways to ensure protection against pathogens, pollutants and bacteria. With warm weather on the way, one of the best...

Tag: Cooling
25 June

10 Questions to Ask on Your Next Air Conditioning Estimate

Utility bills, other than your mortgage, are possibly the biggest expense of running your household. During the summer months, central air contributes to a large portion of your energy bill. The older it gets, the more expensive it will cost to run and maintain....

Tag: Cooling
25 Jun

9 Ways to Cut Your AC Bill This Summer

Summer is officially here, and so comes the hot weather. This time of year, our central air unit makes up a large portion of our monthly energy costs as we try to stay comfortable in the summer heat. Here are 10 things you can do to relieve some of the load on your AC.

Tag: Cooling
25 Apr

Is Your Second Floor Always Too Hot?

In older homes, a common problem is the second storey floor always being too hot in the summer months. It usually reminds homeowners on the first hot days of summer with scorching temps. Maybe you've tried correcting the problem with closing curtains, running fans or opening windows at night, but it keeps coming back. What is causing this problem?

Tag: Cooling
25 July

AC Window Units vs Central Air Conditioning

Given the choice, most homeowners would choose a central air conditioning system. However, there is one factor that weighs heavily on that decision - cost! A central air system is way more costly than a window unit, but before you let cost alone be the deciding factor, it is important to study all the pros and cons of each.

Tag: Cooling
29 June

Common Issues with Older Air Conditioners

As our cooling unit ages, it takes on a lot of wear and tear. Aging symptoms can develop slowly as parts begin to fail, or suddenly on the hottest day of the year. On average, cooling units usually last for around 15 years - which is the age we usually recommend replacement if repair issues start happening.

Tag: Cooling
28 Jul

9 Design Solutions to Keep your External Cooling Unit Hidden

Your central air unit has an important job keeping you comfortable throughout the hot summer season. It works hard to keep us safe and provides our homes with quality airflow. However, unless you are in the HVAC industry or have an appreciation for industrial design, most people don't see the beauty. We understand. For those of you who think of your external cooling unit as an eye-sore, there are a number of ideas for you to 'clean up' the look to your satisfaction.

Tag: Cooling
27 Jun

Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels During Summer Months

As the summer heat approaches, it is very common for humidity levels begin to rise. Humidity, along with temperature plays a key role in indoor summer comfortability. A properly sized, well-functioning AC should take care of any humidity issues during the summer months by removing an optimal amount of moisture form your home with the absence of hot air. However, here are a few questions to ask yourself if you feel humidity is becoming an issue for you recently;

Tag: Cooling
28 May

Selecting the Right Central Air Unit for Your Home

If the time has come to replace your old central air system, we hope that you call us to review the most current in HVAC technology, and best fit for your home, lifestyle and budget. We have the experience to make suggestions based on the information we receive during an in-home consultation. If you have not had us consult for you, here are some things to consider when thinking about your next central air unit.

Tag: Cooling
23 feb

When's the Best Time to Purchase an Air Conditioner?

As Winnipegers, we are all looking for a deal. We buy Christmas wrap on Boxing Day for next year, hockey equipment after the season ends, and summer cloths in the fall. There are often deals to be taken advantage of during any market's off-season. So, does this theory apply to the purchase of a new AC? When IS the best time to begin shopping for a new cooling unit?

Tag: Cooling
4 aug

Can Summer Storms Damage Your Air Conditioner?

After much thought and hours of research you've just purchased a new external air conditioning unit. It has been installed and working great. Then, you learn that a severe thunderstorm is on the way. Are you concerned, or have you ever wondered if a rain storm can damage your external cooling system?

Tag: Cooling
5 jul

Repair or Replace? When do you know it's time to upgrade your Cooling System?

Air conditioners are typically designed to last up to 15 years or so, but after 10 years of supplying your home with cool air, you need to start looking for signs of deterioration that will decrease comfort and efficiency of your home's temperature. In fact, if your cooling system is approaching 10 years of age, it may not be worth the repair expense unless the problem is simple like debris clogging the compressor, a worn fan belt or leaking ducts. Consider the fact that a 10 year old cooling system may be using twice the electricity that a new one would.

Tag: Cooling
23 jun

Summer Vacation Plans? Great. Don't Forget About Your AC

The vacation season has arrived in southern Manitoba. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway at the lake, a long weekend road trip across the boarder, or a 2-3 week vacation across the ocean, plans need to be made to ensure everything is looked after while you're gone. Have you considered your air conditioner in those plans? Ideally, you want to create the right environment to protect your home, but not waste money cooling an environment you are not there to experience.

Tag: Cooling
27 may

How Much Can Upgrading to an Energy Efficient AC Really Save?

There is no doubt that a new cooling system is a major investment to your home upgrades. With a wide variety of products on the market it can be very tempting to select a model based on price point alone. With cheap models, you will be saving money up front, but if you actually sit down and do the math you may find that over the life of your new AC there could be long-term savings in the more expensive, high efficient models.

Tag: Cooling
5 apr

10 Steps to Prepare Your HVAC System for Spring

As warm weather begins to move in and signs of summer are starting to reveal themselves, homeowners don’t have to rely as much on their furnace for survival. The early spring season is the perfect opportunity to address any issues that your HVAC system may have as a result form the long winter - and an even better time to get some home upgrades done before hot weather forces you to start up your air conditioning system.

Tag: Cooling
29 jan

Summer Energy Saving Tips to Help Lower Monthly Bills

With the summer season moving in, it can be easy to crank your thermostat settings down and let your AC unit do the leg-work of keeping your home cool. If you’ve selected the right AC for your home, it should handle the load without any issues. However, if you are looking for ways to help take some of the load off your AC - causing it to run less and ultimately save energy costs, here are some tips that might interest you.

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