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News - General HVAC

25 Aug

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

As Winnipeggers, we live in a very diverse climate. We have witnessed a 40 degree temperature change within just a 24 hour span. It is crucial to our comfort, and safety, to have properly functioning heating and cooling systems at any given moment.

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25 May

How the HVAC Industry is Adapting with Climate Change

As more and more attention is given to climate change and the environment, the HVAC industry like many others is forced to adapt with improved technology. These technological improvements are saving the environment, and reducing consumers monthly energy costs. HVAC products continue to evolve and Energy Star ratings are climbing to save as much energy as possible.

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25 Feb

Heating and Cooling Considerations When Finishing Your Basement

Whether you want to transform your lower space into a bedroom, office, man cave or open concept living room, by finishing your basement you are adding more usable space and value to your home. When finishing your basement, considerations around the heating and cooling strategies must be weighed. There are a few options that you should look at during the design. Each one has their own good and bad points.

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15 Dec

How Paint Colour Affects Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Everyone has a preference when it comes to interior design and paint colours. As home owners, paint colour is something that reflects our individual personalities and truly makes our home unique. But did you know that your choice of wall colour impacts the way your home can retain or reflect heat?

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25 Sep

Detect Home Energy Leaks with Thermal Imaging

As a homeowner, one of our biggest monthly expenses is home energy - over half our energy budget is used to heat and cool our home's air and water. It is an expense that is necessary in our climate for obvious reasons. But did you know that it is often an expense that can be reduced through some wise investments back into your home?

Tag: General HVAC
25 Aug

Why Do Furnaces and ACs Breakdown on the Most Extreme Days?

Have you ever noticed our ACs and furnaces seem to malfunction in during the hottest and coldest days of the year? Why is this? Bad luck, Murphy's Law? Pure coincidence? It could simply just be bad timing. However, there could also be a few reasons causing these problems to show up in the worst times possible.

Tag: General HVAC
29 May

HVAC Considerations When Looking for a New Home

Few things in life are as exciting and consuming as house hunting. Many factors go into your decision such as basic needs, add-ons and budget - along with the condition of your new investment. It is important to place the quality and condition of the home's HVAC system at the top of your list.

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9 Apr

4 Seasons - 2018 Home and Garden Show BBQ Winner

Congratulations to Kathryn Penner for winning the BBQ draw from the 2018 Home and Garden Show. Thank you to everyone that entered.

Tag: General HVAC
28 Mar

How Windows Affect Your HVAC System

Windows are a beautiful component of our home, however they are also the largest openings to the outdoor elements. Windows allow sunlight to enter our living space during the day and can raise temps within minutes. A proper window strategy can make a big difference in your monthly energy costs - costing you money, or saving you money if you know what to do.

Tag: General HVAC
26 Feb

Heating and Cooling Options for Your Sunroom

If you are lucky enough to have a sunroom attached to your home, you know how enjoyable it can be during a sunny winter day or on a warm summer evening. Sunrooms can be a perfect middle ground between the indoors and outdoors - providing you with a nice little getaway. However, in our climate owners also have to deal with extreme temperature changes in winter and summer months. If the room isn’t set up with some sort of climate control, it could go unused for a good half of the year. For that reason, we thought we’d share a few heating and cooling tips that might get some more use from one of your favourite places.

Tag: General HVAC
22 Dec

The Importance of Working with an Accredited HVAC Company

There are many, many options out there in the world of HVAC. Home owners have a large pool of companies to service their furnaces, air conditioners, hot water tanks and electrical needs. Many of those options even find their way on your doorstep trying to solicit those services with 'too good to be true' prices.

Tag: General HVAC
25 Oct

5 Qualifying Questions to Ask Your Next HVAC Company

Before selecting an HVAC company to do work on your home's energy system, there are a number of deciding factors that you need to take into consideration. Heating, cooling and hot water systems are critical for your family's well-being and should be given an appropriate amount of attention. Often, home owners make knee-jerk decisions that are based solely on price without actually comparing 'apples to apples.' There are many good HVAC companies out there to choose from, however there are twice as many you should stay away from.

Tag: General HVAC
28 Sep

Control Your Home on the Go with a Nexia Smart Home System

We live in a wonderful time in regards to technology. Since the launch of the smart phone, gone are the days we need to worry about 'what temp did I leave the thermostat on?' during your 2-week vacation. The digital era has made getting away much easier and much more stress-free. Technology has carried over into the HVAC industry and provides some really amazing, cost-saving advances. One of our favourite, and most popular Smart HVAC products is the Nexia DIgital Smart Home Thermostats.

Tag: General HVAC
28 Aug

Understand SEER Rating Before Making a Purchase

During any consultation with an HVAC salesman, the topic of SEER rating will come up. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and basically refers to how energy-efficient the system is. With monthly energy costs being a large part of our living expense, it is extremely important to look for a unit that will run as cost-effective as possible.

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10 apr

4 Seasons - 2017 Home and Garden Show Draw Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners from the 2017 Winnipeg Home and Garden Show.

Tag: General HVAC
30 mar

20 Life Hacks That Can Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bill

When trying to save a bit of cash, they say all the little things add up. This holds true on energy costs as well. Have you ever considered how much energy we waste without even knowing it? Here are 20 simple things home owners can do to lower their monthly energy bills.

Tag: General HVAC
24 jan

Could Furniture be Reducing Airflow in Your Home?

Have you designed your home's interior with airflow in mind? Most people wouldn't think of it. Sometimes what seems like the perfect spot for a couch or a rug can actually be causing you problems. Covering a vent or air return might not seem like a big deal, you might unknowingly be creating a condition that will end up costing you down the road.

Tag: General HVAC
23 mar

How Insulation Helps Lower Your Energy Costs

Today, there are all kinds of high-efficient, low-cost ways to heat or cool your home. As new technology makes itself available, homeowners are receiving better air quality all the time and paying less for it. However, unless your environment is properly insulated that fresh air is probably leaking out of your home and raising your energy costs above what they really need to be.

Tag: Genral HVAC
29 jan

Proper Ventilation is Key for Clean, Healthy Air

So you’ve just invested in a new heating or cooling unit for your home. That’s great, congratulations! If you’ve purchased a high-efficient model, you are well on you way to receiving cost effective air quality for years to come. However, even the best units on the market can be limited to the mechanical system (ductwork) it has to work with. If your home is not properly ventilated, you may not be receiving all the potential benefits of your new heating or cooling unit.

Tag: General HVAC
14 dec

A Digital Thermostat Can Save 20% on Energy Bills

According to many energy consumption professionals, a properly programmed thermostat can save homeowners up to 20% on energy bills. In today’s age of digital technology, nearly all new heating and cooling systems come equipped with some sort of digital thermostat. However, a large portion of homeowners don’t utilize the technology to its fullest potential.

Tag: General HVAC
29 jan

Upgrading Your Heating or Cooling System? Here’s Some Payment Options to Consider.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we carry a wide variety of products with a wide range of payment options based on your financial needs. Most of the products we carry come with a manufacturer's program that enables our customers to take advantage of new, energy efficient technology and save on monthly energy cost - all while enjoying the perks of clean air and ideal indoor temps while they pay back in low monthly instalments.

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29 jan

Spring Cleaning Tips to Maximize Your HVAC Performance

Winter is now in the rear view mirror. As we come out of hibernation, we get ready to welcome warm temps with annual spring cleaning rituals. It’s the time of year where we open our windows, and scrub down every inch of our homes. However, cleaning only the things we can see is truly doing just half the job.

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