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Is your HVAC system up to code?

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  • Is your HVAC system up to code?

25 AUG

Is your HVAC system up to code?

Homes are subject to building codes, which are regulations that apply to structure, plumbing, electric and HVAC systems. Codes are robust, complex and ever-changing. If you have a remodel or renovation happening in the future, or if you are planning to upgrade your HVAC system, it might be a good idea to ask your company about what updates have been applied to code and if your current situation requires any massive changes.

The installation or replacement of a home HVAC system can be a delicate process that is subject to a number of provisions. Unless you are a qualified HVAC technician, it would not be advised to tackle such a project on your own. Not only could you be breaking code, but you could also be doing something extremely dangerous inadvertently. Keep in mind that HVAC systems work with combustible fuels and chemicals. There are rules that govern your heating and cooling system.

Common mistakes that are costly and dangerous include improperly sized ductwork, bad ventilation and placing smoke/CO2 detectors too close to your ventilation that might reduce airflow and the ability for the system to do its job. When dealing with HVAC, mistakes can be costly and potentially deadly. It is always recommended to call a professional.

Worried that you might be out of compliance? It is common for older homes with older HVAC systems to be 'out of code', however preexisting homes and systems are grandfathered. You don't need to continuously monitor rules until you are faced with an upgrade, replacement or renovation to the structure. If you are planning on selling your home, it may or may not be worth getting brought up to code in terms of retail value. Also, some insurances may or may not choose to cover your home based on how out of date your systems are in regards to code.

If you are looking at installing, replacing or upgrading your HVAC system before, during or after any remodels, contact us for input on all things related to HVAC code. We are experts in the industry and can work with you to install a properly functioning unit that is up to current code and guaranteed to keep you comfortable and safe.