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Interior Design Tips that Help Warm Up Your Home

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  • Interior Design Tips that Help Warm Up Your Home

15 Nov

Interior Design Tips that Help Warm Up Your Home

We always recommend investing in your home to keep it functioning optimally and kept as safe as possible. Proper insulation, venting and HVAC are a necessity in our climate and should be given priority in our living budget. However, there are some fashionable interior design tricks that will help warm up cold spots in your home short-term until you are able to address the root source of your heating issues.

Area Rugs
If your floors are cold, especially during the winter, adding an area rug can provide your room with warmth and fashion that will keep you tootsies toasty. The higher the knot count in your rug, the denser the material will be and the warmer your floor will feel.

Use You Oven
During the winter months, we trade our outdoor grills for ovens. Use your oven more than your microwave to fill your home with warm, delicious scents. Winter is a great time to create more baked food to store, or give away as holiday gifts.

Cut Window Drafts with Coverings
If you can't afford new windows, a quick fix to get you through a few months might be window treatments. Thermal shades, DIY wool curtains or fashionable fabric coverings can help keep drafts from spreading so quickly. Be sure to open curtains during the day to let sunlight in and warm up your home naturally.

Make a Pillow Den
Using multiple pillows to build a comfy den will create a snuggle-worthy environment. Shop for comfortable pillows that you can surround yourself with. Choose fabrics that are machine washable for easy cleaning. Creating a pillow den can also help refashion an outdated or ugly sofa.

Use Ceiling Fans
If you have a ceiling fan, consider using it during the winter. Warm air rises, so setting your ceiling fan on low will push warm air back down to where we can feel it. Simply run the fan in reverse to cycle warm air in your home.

Again, these are all short-term solutions that you can utilize quickly until you get your HVAC or home improvement project completed. These should not be used long-term or as permanent solutions. Permanent heating and cooling units not only keep your home comfortable, but also keep your home's structure safe functional.

At 4 Seasons we are heating and cooling experts that offer free, in-home, no-obligation consultations. We are a family owned and operated company that care about our customers. Call us around the clock 24/7 if you experience heating trouble or would like to discuss the benefits of upgrading your heating or cooling units.

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