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A Digital Thermostat Can Save 20% on Energy Bills

  • News - 2015
  • A Digital Thermostat Can Save 20% on Energy Bills

14 dec

A Digital Thermostat Can Save 20% on Energy Bills

According to many energy consumption professionals, a properly programmed thermostat can save homeowners up to 20% on energy bills. In today's age of digital technology, nearly all new heating and cooling systems come equipped with some sort of digital thermostat. However, a large portion of homeowners don't utilize the technology to its fullest potential. Of course you can set the device to hold a constant temperature, or you can adjust the settings manually before you go to sleep each night, or when you leave your home for the day, but wouldn't it be nice for the adjustments to happen automatically? With a little understanding of your digital thermostat, it probably can.

With most digital programmable thermostats, you can preset the temperature based on your schedule and the appropriate season. For example, if you like your home at 20 degrees in the winter months, consider dropping the temperature a couple degrees while you are away at work or while you are sleeping. Reducing the amount of energy required to heat your home for those 16 hours you are sleeping or away can add up to significant savings over the course of a month.

This concept applies to summer weather as well, just in reverse. If you like your home to be 20 degrees in the summer, consider programming your thermostat to keep your home a couple degrees hotter during the day when you are away at work. Program the central air kick back in an hour before you get home and you will never know the difference! These are a couple simple strategies that can greatly reduce energy consumption, relieve workload on your heating and cooling units and save you money without even noticing it. Of course everyone has different lifestyles, schedules and preferences, so find the right schedule that works for you.

Thermostat options and features may vary depending on the model and HVAC system your home is equipped with. Our skilled technicians are experts at recommending the perfect HVAC technology based on your lifestyle, preferences and home specifications. We highly recommend that a professional technician install your new digital thermostat to ensure it is compatible with your heating and cooling units.

At 4 Seasons we work with our customers closely to ensure they are receiving the right technology for their needs. We walk each of our new customers through the settings on their new equipment and are available 24/7 for service calls. Call us at (204) 953-5700 to set up a free, no-obligation quote on a new unit install or repair.