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Do Your Ducts Need Repair?

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30 Jan

Do Your Ducts Need Repair?

We often refer to the furnace being the 'heart' of your home. If that is true, than your home's ductwork are the arteries. In the dead of summer and winter we pay close attention to our heating and cooling systems, but how much attention do we give our ductwork?

We can have the most efficient, most powerful heating and cooling systems, but if we don't have effective ductwork the benefits of those systems will never be truly experienced. Damaged or leaky ducts can result in a poor quality of indoor comfort - and waste money.

So how do you know if your ducts are working properly? Pay close attention to the temperature of each room. If you notice cold spots in the winter, or hot spots in the summer, there's a probability that you may have broken or leaky ducts.

Also, listen for odd sounds. As air flows through ducts, it is common for them to slightly expand and contract with temperature fluctuation. You may notice the occasional 'pop' when your furnace or AC fires up - this is normal. However, if you notice continuous rattling, shaking or banging, that is a sign that your ductwork is loose or damaged.

How does ductwork become damaged? Usually ductwork gets damaged from corrosion, age, poor installation or even rodents. It is important to inspect your ducts every now and then to ensure the joints are effectively sealed, the ducts are clean and not restricting airflow and that they haven't become 'home' to creatures who should be living outside.

We can have the best heating and cooling system on the market, but if we don't have the quality ducts to deliver what the furnace or AC is producing, we are not benefitting from it. If you've just had a new system installed and are noticing a lack of air quality, it could be your ducts. Have them cleaned and/or scoped and it might reveal the problem.