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How Insulation Helps Lower Your Energy Costs

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  • How Insulation Helps Lower Your Energy Costs

23 mar

How Insulation Helps Lower Your Energy Costs

Today, there are all kinds of high-efficient, low-cost ways to heat or cool your home. As new technology makes itself available, homeowners are receiving better air quality all the time and paying less for it. However, unless your environment is properly insulated that fresh air is probably leaking out of your home and raising your energy costs above what they really need to be. Old, worn out insulation in your attic and walls can be adding to your heating or cooling bills more than you think.

Here are some warning signs that you might start questioning the quality of your home's insulation.

Increasing Energy Bills
If you receive any large increases or spikes in energy costs, this might indicate your heating or cooling system is running more often than it should in order to maintain a constant temperature. Upgrading your insulation could pay for itself in a short period of time - depending on how large the energy increases are.

Erratic Indoor Temperatures
As seasons change, poor insulation might cause a room to be extremely cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. The inability to maintain a constant temperature is a symptom of poor insulation or ineffective ventilation.

Signs of Ageing
Check your attic insulation - especially if you have an older home. If the insulation crumbles easily when you touch or squeeze it, that is a sign of aging and that you should replace it. Today there are a wide variety of options to upgrade your attic insulation. Pick a solution that fits your home's specs and budget.

Invasion of Pests
Pests can do major damage to your home's attic insulation. If you notice any presence of animals in your attic, have your insulation checked. If you spot any tampering, you should have the insulation replaced and your attic sealed properly to prevent further invasions.

Water Damage
From the spring thaw to fall rain, water can sometimes find its way into your attic through the smallest cracks. If you suspect water has found its way through your roof, check your attic insulation for water damage or mould. Any damaged insulation should be replaced to prevent the spread of mould, interior ceiling damage and hot/cold spots. The leak should be found and repaired.

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