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9 Design Solutions to Keep your External Cooling Unit Hidden

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  • 9 Design Solutions to Keep your External Cooling Unit Hidden

28 Jul

9 Design Solutions to Keep your External Cooling Unit Hidden

Your central air unit has an important job keeping you comfortable throughout the hot summer season. It works hard to keep us safe and provides our homes with quality airflow. However, unless you are in the HVAC industry or have an appreciation for industrial design, most people don't see the beauty. We understand. For those of you who think of your external cooling unit as an eye-sore, there are a number of ideas for you to 'clean up' the look to your satisfaction.

Before dressing up your AC, there are two major issues we must stress… First, never block the airflow around the external unit. It needs room to disperse the heat being pulled from your home. And second, ensure that you leave room for servicing the unit.

If you consider your external cooling unit an eye-sore, here are some great design ideas that you may appreciate.

Stone Screen or Fence
Build a stone fence or screen with patio or fireplace cinder blocks, leaving enough room for airflow and servicing.

Lattice Screen
Build a screen or fence with outdoor lattice. This should provide enough airflow to your cooling unit and hide the equipment at the same time.

Hinged Lid Enclosure
Also an idea used for pool pumps, a breathable enclosed box with hinged lid makes for a great way to hide your cooling unit safely.

Two-by-Four Fence
Create a more modern look with this easy to build, collapsing fence idea. Use rods in each corner to open up the fence for servicing.

Cedar Boards
Create an earthy organic look with a small cedar fence. Used more as a screen, this will provide sufficient airflow to your cooling unit, easy access for servicing and a nice design for your outdoor space.

Shutter Screens
Go for the vintage look by painting up an old set of shutters or wooden bifold doors. This is an easy option and highly portable that allows for easy access.

Artificial Hedge
Unlike a real hedge that will grow into your cooling unit, use an artificial option to blend in with the rest of your yard’s greenery.

Pallet Screen
We have all seen the many uses for old pallets, and this is another one. A few pallets are the perfect size to add some vintage woodworking to your outdoor space and hide your AC.

Bamboo Screen
A cost effective solution with a very organic look is a bamboo screen. This idea provides sufficient airflow to your cooling unit and allows room for servicing.

All of these options not only serve as ways to hide your AC, but can also protect against debris and pet damage.

If you have any questions about air conditioners, feel free to contact us for sales or service enquiries. We are experts in the HVAC industry and will help you stay comfortable in the summer and winter seasons. Contact us 24/7 by phone at (204) 953-5700 or online with any device.

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