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Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

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  • Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

25 Aug

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace and AC at the Same Time

As Winnipeggers, we live in a very diverse climate. We have witnessed a 40 degree temperature change within just a 24 hour span. It is crucial to our comfort, and safety, to have properly functioning heating and cooling systems at any given moment. When it's time to consider replacing your furnace and AC, our natural instinct is to look for savings - replace only what we have to and replace the other unit next season. However, if you are open to replacing both systems together - even if one is still working - it can save you money and energy in the long run.

Depending on the age of your systems, our experts can give advice on whether it is best to repair or replace your current units. If your units are nearing a decade of age, there could be significant energy savings with newer, energy saving technology. Our technicians will walk through the SEER rating and compare your current units to the new options on the market. On average a modern furnace will last 15-20 years, and a central air conditioning system will last for 12-15 years - depending on the quality of make.

Another reason we often recommend replacing both heating and cooling units together is to eliminate large differences in technology and compatibility. Mixing old and new systems together can decrease performance of both systems. By keeping an old piece of equipment in the operation, you won't be utilizing the new unit to its full potential. Current, matching units complement each other - having a matched system will allow both units to work together and efficiently, giving you the best performance, comfort and efficiency.

New systems also require less repairs. You can expect to save money on repair bills. Between lower energy bills and few repair costs, your new heating and cooling system could very well pay for itself over its lifetime.

Another reason to consider upgrading both units together is because there is more potential for problems with a mismatched system. Matching a new unit with an old units can potentially decrease the lifespan of the new unit you just invested in. We also urge you to ask about manufacture's warranties and if they are void if matching with an old system.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical we understand the investment you make to properly heat and cool your home. We believe your indoor air should be the most pure, safest, cost effective air quality possible. That's why we will work with you to make educated decisions and recommendations in order to save money and give you the best air quality within your home's specs and budget. Contact us today for a free in-home, no-obligation consultation.