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Four Common Indoor Heat Insufficiencies

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  • Four Common Indoor Heat Insufficiencies

25 Dec

Four Common Indoor Heat Insufficiencies

Having an energy-efficient home means a warm home in the winter, and a cool one in the summer - using the least amount of energy possible to create a safe, clean, indoor environment. You can have the best, most current heating system, but if there are issues with keeping that warm air indoors, you won't be reaping all the efficiency benefits of your system. Here are 4 common issues that effect your winter energy efficiency.

Overheating an Empty Home
The most common waste of energy is heating a home when nobody is there. Having a programmable digital thermostat is a fantastic way to program your heating system to automatically use less heat when you are away, then have it warm up an hour before you return home. This is a simple and easy way to utilize new technology to save you significant amounts of cash over the course of a year.

Unlocked Windows
In the winter, having unsealed or unlocked windows are a classic way for warm air to escape your home - costing you more to heat it. Also ensure your windows are properly caulked or sealed to minimize cold air infiltration.

Cranking the Thermostat
Setting your thermostat 20 degrees above the desired temp in order to achieve it quicker is a myth. This tactic will not heat up your home any faster - it will actually cause your furnace to run longer than needed and cause a higher energy bill.

Running Exhaust Fans
Turn off exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom as soon as you are done using them. Exhaust fans are designed to move moisture and odours from your home, but along with that goes warm air. Exhaust fans expel warm air from your home - causing your furnace to replace that warm air with more cycles.

There are many more energy waste culprits, but these are 4 very easy things homeowners can do every day to help eliminate extra energy costs, daily. 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical are experts in home heating. Ask us about the latest in HVAC technology and the many makes, models and financing options available so that anyone can enjoy the safest, cleanest, purest indoor air quality possible.

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