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Furnace Selections for Historic Homes

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25 Oct

Furnace Selections for Historic Homes

Renovating historic home into beautiful living spaces, Bed and Breakfasts and restaurants is trending. Developers are bringing life back to some historic homes that need a lot of TLC. A big consideration for this renovation is the heating and cooling needs of that property. In this post we will give our insight on what to look for in adding a heating system to the structure.

Energy Efficiency
Large historic homes can be very difficult and expensive to heat. Choosing a furnace that is energy efficient is crucial for keeping monthly energy bills in check. There are 3 main types of furnace separated by energy use; high efficiency, mid efficiency, and conventional.

High-efficiency furnaces offer up to 90% energy efficiency.
Mid-efficiency furnaces are between 80% and 90% efficiency.
Conventional furnaces run with 75% to 80% energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is important, but not the only consideration. Efficiency refers to the fuel combustion, and there may be certain reasons to choose any of the 3 examples above.

Most historic homes have a chimney. The decision to use it as a venting system for the furnace is dependent on the type of heating system and its specific needs. New regulations may require some alterations to be done to the chimney - or you may decide not to use the chimney, rather a direct venting system out the side of the building. Other factors like furnace placement and interior design may also play a factor on whether or not you decide to use the chimney or not.

Which ever furnace you select for your historic home, make sure you are aware of how to maintain it. Ask your HVAC technician to run through the options with you during your consultation. Proper maintenance will add longevity and quality to your furnace.

Try to estimate the heating needs when selecting a furnace. You may or may not need all the features from the top model. You may need a certain make or model depending on the layout, size and design of the building. Weigh all options upfront and also consider the estimated energy costs to decide on the value of going more energy efficient.

Furnaces are becoming more stylish all the time. Incorporating the heating system into the design of the home is now a thing. There are choices now that allow you to choose a furnace that functions properly and looks good in your home.

Our sales team are experts at walking through your property and giving recommendations on the perfect furnace for your historic home. We can also make recommendations on other areas of your home that can add extra efficiency to your heating system. We are available 24/7 for bookings by phone at (204) 953-5700 or online.

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