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8 Signs Your Hot Water Tank is About to Expire

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  • 8 Signs Your Hot Water Tank is About to Expire

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8 Signs Your Hot Water Tank is About to Expire

There are multiple reasons why home owners replace their hot water systems. It could be to move to a more cost-effective, energy-efficient model. It could be that the amount of hot showers in the morning are dwindling, or it could be because your tank has sprung a leak and covered your basement with water. Whatever your reason may be, there are 8 tell-tale warning signs that your hot water system in on its last leg of life.

Cold Water
If no hot water is coming from your taps, it's likely that your hot water tank's heating coil is burnt out and isn't heating the contained water.

A quick and obvious sign that you need to replace your hot water tank is is it is leaking. Most leaks develop from a deteriorating seam or corrosion around a fitting or connection.

Hot Water Doesn't Last
If your water turns cold after 1 or 2 short showers, there could be a number of issues wrong with your tank that may require repair or replacement.

Gas Pilot Shuts Off
If your gas heated water tank experiences frequent losses in the pilot light, there is a problem that will require repair or replacement.

Most hot water tanks will last the specified number of years displayed on the tank, however factors like water quality and environment can play into how much rust and corrosion the unit will collect over the years.

Listen to your hot water tank when it is quiet. If your unit makes any popping noises or other strange sounds, it could be a sign the unit requires repair or replacement.

Can't Drain
If you open the drain valve, water should rush out. If it doesn't, this is a sign of sediment in the bottom of the tank which will usually cause a lack of hot water distribution.

On average, hot water tanks last between 5 and 10 years. Although you may get lucky and have a tank last longer, a tank older than a decade is living on borrowed time. If older than 10, check for signs listed in the points above - it may be time to upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient heating system.

At 4 Seasons Heating & Cooling we are experts in hot water tank issues. If you would like more information on hot water solutions for your home, or to learn which product will fit best with your lifestyle, contact us to book a free, in-home, no-obligation consultation.

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