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How Fresh is Your Indoor Air?

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How Fresh is Your Indoor Air?

Many people believe that poor air quality resides mainly outdoors, in large cities - and that it is at an all-time high. Actually, pollution micrograms per cubic meter in many urban areas have dropped in the last handful of years due to recent environmental endeavours. What people should be looking at is the quality of air in their own homes.

According to the American Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. When you consider that we need oxygen to carry red blood cells through our bodies, it becomes even more clear that clean air is extreemly important to our health.

Sometimes we don't realize that toxic air pollutants can get trapped indoors. Dust, mould, paint fumes, cleaning chemicals, cigarette smoke and so on, can cause great harm to our bodies over time. It is important that we take the necessary steps to move stale air out of our living space.

Air quality becomes even more noticable during big changes in season. Spring can effect those who suffer with allergies - not only from outside pollen, but also interior mosture as humidity slowly climbs. Seasonal allergies can often be mistaken for colds.

There are a few simple things you can do to help increase the quality of your indoor air. Change your HVAC air and coil filters when required. Regularly have your ventilation/duct system cleaned. Make sure your home's air flow (ceiling vents and bathroom fans) isn't blocked. And, schedule and annual maintenance appointment for both your furnace and air conditioner before you start them up for the season.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, creating an environment with quality indoor air is a top priority to us. We are confident all the products we supply will help keep your living space as fresh as possible.

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