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Home Humidity Levels and Comfortability

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25 May

Home Humidity Levels and Comfortability

Much like temperature, indoor humidity levels that are too high or too low can have a physical impact on our life. In winter when humidity levels are low, we struggle with static, chapped lips, nosebleeds and staticky cloths. In the summer when humidity levels are high, it can be a breeding ground for mould, dust mites asthma. When looking to find a perfect balance, we can usually turn to our thermostats.

Every home is unique, and optimal humidity levels can range, however a good humidity range in the winter months is 30 - 40 percent. In the summer months, a humidity level of 50 - 60 percent is acceptable.

Most homes use a humidistat which lets you measure your indoor humidity levels. Newer technology on digital thermostats also come with humidity displays - some even notifying you of extreme levels via app notifications. Older humidistats are often inaccurate with their readings, so upgrading to a new digital thermostat is worth the small investment.

Depending if your home struggles with dry air, or humidity, there are add-ons to your HVAC system that can be installed to keep your home at a consistent, pre-determined humidity level. There are also portable units that can help balance humidity in smaller cases.

Understanding humidity in your home can not only keep you and your family comfortable through the extreme seasons, but also protect the structural integrity of your home.

For more information about dealing with extreme humidity levels, feel free to talk to one of our technicians. We have the know;edge and expertise to create the perfect indoor climate for your family. Contact us 24/7 by phone at (204) 953-5700 or online by requesting a sales or service call.

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