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The Choice to Support 'Made in Canada' HVAC Products

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  • The Choice to Support 'Made in Canada' HVAC Products

25 May

The Choice to Support 'Made in Canada' HVAC Products

In a recent article by the National Observer, columnists write about the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters forecasting a 5.7 per cent decline in business this year - the worst since the 2008 recession. The Covid-19 pandemic certainly has hit Canadian manufacturers hard depending on the industry. Countries are now more aware than ever of the vulnerability of global supply chains. It is now painfully clear that most of what we buy comes from elsewhere.

At 4 Seasons our family owned HVAC business knows small business - the good, the bad and the ugly. We feel the pain of this pandemic just like most other businesses. Shopping within our borders and supporting the 'Made in Canada' movement has never been more of a priority to us - both ethical and logistical. For these reasons, we have chosen to partner and support a couple Canadian suppliers for our HVAC equipment.

Napoleon - Heating and Cooling
Since 1976, Napoleon has turned a small steel fabrication company into a 1.4 million square foot hub innovating some of North America's best heating and cooling products. Located in Barrie, Ontario, Napoleon is able to supply us with quality equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner. This makes it logistically easier to sell, service and quote heating and cooling products while supporting a fellow Canadian business. We are extremely impressed with the Napoleon product and feel 100 per cent confident our customers are receiving some of the best equipment in the industry at a competitive price point.

Giant Factories - Water Heaters
Giant Factories has been a family business since 1945 and is the only water heater manufacturer in Canada. With 2 factories employing over 300 Canadians, Giant uses state of the art machinery and is committed to supplying innovative products at a competitive price point. Giant's facilities are located in Montreal, Quebec and are ranked among the 300 most important SME in the province. We are proud to partner with a company rooted by family values, supplying Canadian businesses quality hot water products and committed to keeping jobs inside Canadian borders.

Partnering with both these 'Made in Canada' HVAC suppliers, we feel good ethically and know logistical factors like accessibility, support and price are all benefits that ultimately effect our customers in a positive manner. We are proud to do our part keeping family owned businesses in Canada up and running.

For more information on our Napoleon and Giant product lines, please contact us anytime by email or by phone at (204) 953-5700.