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Control Your Home on the Go with a Nexia Smart Home System

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  • Control Your Home on the Go with a Nexia Smart Home System

28 Sep

Control Your Home on the Go with a Nexia Smart Home System

We live in a wonderful time in regards to technology. Since the launch of the smart phone, gone are the days we need to worry about 'what temp did I leave the thermostat on?' during your 2-week vacation. The digital era has made getting away much easier and much more stress-free.

Technology has carried over into the HVAC industry and provides some really amazing, cost-saving advances. One of our favourite, and most popular Smart HVAC products is the Nexia DIgital Smart Home Thermostats.

With Trane's connected Nexia products, you can manage your home's temperature from anywhere. Connect your home with a Nexia smart home system to experience the level of control you need and the peace of mind you want. The all-in-one Nexia app communicates with hundreds of smart home devices, so you never have to worry whether the doors were left unlocked or the garage door was left open. Paired with Trane's innovative ComfortLink controls, Nexia lets you adjust your home's temperature directly from your smart phone or other web-enabled device.

Nexia can streamline your daily tasks! Adjust the temperature - come home to the perfect comfort setting. Raise or lower the temperature in your home remotely. Set a schedule - reduce energy costs by setting up a schedule or putting your comfort system into an energy-saving mode when you're away. Receive alerts - using Nexia Diagnostics, you and your HVAC technician can receive alerts to catch problems early before they become bigger ones.

What do you need to get connected to Nexia?
- An active broadband internet connection (controls with built-in Nexia Bridge may be connected wirelessly).
- A valid email address.
- For mobile accessibility, an iOS, Android or Windows Phone smartphone or tablet with an internet data plan and an SMS (text messaging) plan.
- For the XL624, a Nexia Bridge connected to your router is required.

The nice thing about the Nexia system is that it can be expanded to include other Smart Home devices such as;
- Home security
- Video surveillance
- Home automation

When you pair Trane and Nexia, the possibilities for simplifying your daily life and gaining peace of mind are endless.

Discover a connected home that can grow with your lifestyle. Whenever you want to grow your home's connections, Nexia can offer you a way. Ask us how to bring more comfort, more control and more options to your home today. We are available 24/7 by phone at (204) 953-5700 or book online by clicking here.