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Indoor Air Filtration and Pet Allergies

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27 Oct

Indoor Air Filtration and Pet Allergies

According to national average, 1 in 10 homes include a dog or a cat. A four-legged companion can be a highlight for our families lives - although pet owners have been known to compromise on a few things like ripped furniture, scratched flooring, pet stains and pet dander. For most pet owners, it is a small price to pay for the loyal companionship our pets give back, but for others who suffer with pet allergies, or their visitors who have allergies, it can become an issue.

Dogs and cats shed dander and spread saliva over their bodies when they groom themselves - which can trigger allergies. If a pet has been in a home for a while, their dander will spread everywhere. Dander spreads as the outer layer of skin renews itself about every 21 days and flake like fine powder.

There are things we can control to help reduce the negative effects of living with pets - especially over the winter when we are all kept indoors for long periods of time.

By selecting the right filtration system and filter, you can help create a cleaner indoor environment that helps reduce allergenic symptoms. Your typical 1'' thick cardboard filter is no match for fine pet dander. These filters are very ineffective against pet allergens and only carry a efficiency rating of MERV 1 or 2. These filters can trap large particles of dust and dirt, but not fine particles or pollutants.

By selecting a high efficient pleated, electrostatic or Essa filter, you are better equipped to trap the fine particles of pet dander and prevent them from spreading. These premium filters are a bit more costly, but to people who suffer allergies, or their guests, it will be well worth the investment.

There are also other things that can be done to combat pet dander. Vacuuming and mopping your floors regularly can help - along with taking your shoes off at the door, running a portable air cleaner and not letting pets into your bed will all help.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we offer a variety of air filtration systems that help supply you with the best indoor air possible. Our Essa filtration systems are great for home owners who deal with allergies, weakened immune systems and families with newborns. To learn more about how we can keep your home's air supply clean and fresh, call our sales team at (204) 953-5700 and ask to book a free, in-home, no-obligation consultation.

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