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What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleeping?

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  • What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleeping?

25 Nov

What is the Ideal Temperature for Sleeping?

Ever find yourself lying in bed during the dog days of summer and the heat is preventing you from sleeping? What about shivering as you try to fall asleep in the dead of winter? Temps play a huge role in our ability to comfortably fall asleep. There is a lot of science behind optimal sleep temps related to quality of sleep. So what is the best temperature to fall asleep to? Here is what sleep experts have to say...

A loose guideline for sleep ranges between 60 to 72 degrees fahrenheit (15.6 to 22.2 degrees celsius), with a more precise recommendation being 65 degrees (18 degrees celsius). This temperature range works best with patterns of our core body temperature. Our body's circadian rhythm drops in the evening which coincides with our brain's melatonin secretion according to Dr. Afolabi-Brown. A cooler temperature promotes higher melatonin production, encouraging a more restful sleep.

If your sleep temps are too warm, the environment can cause increased wakefulness and decreased REM sleep. Hot, humid heat can also alter our body's ability to regulate its temperature.

To ensure comfort throughout the day, a digital programmable thermostat is perfect for reducing temps at night and increasing them right before you wake in the morning. It will help you get a better sleep, and save you on energy bills.

Of course, there are a range of other non temperature related tricks like your sleep clothing choice, selection of bedding, fans and windows, but for the best indoor temperature for sleep, experts say 65 degrees fahrenheit or 18 degrees celsius.

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