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Preparing Your Heating System for a Snowstorm

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  • Preparing Your Heating System for a Snowstorm

30 Oct

Preparing Your Heating System for a Snowstorm

As we get deeper into the fall season and wait for winter to approach, it's inevitable. Snow is coming soon! Winter often roars in with a huge dump of wet snow and we retreat to the comfort of our homes. However, have you ever given consideration to your heating system and what it needs to work optimally during these snowy conditions?

Here are a few tips for optimizing your home's heating performance during winter snow storms.

1. Don't Get Plugged-Up
Every home furnace has an exhaust - wether it be a stack on your roof or a pipe out the side of your house. Ensure either design stays unplugged and free of snow. It is critical that your furnace is allowed to exhaust harmful fumes out of these exhaust pipes.

2. Outdoor Units
Make sure to clear snow and ice from any outdoor units. This will help reduce future failures and give your unit as long a lifespan as possible.

3. Consider Backup Options
It may only happen once in a blue moon, but some people have relied on backup generators in cases of extreme storms with prolonged periods of power outages. If you do choose to back your home up with a generator, make sure you are stocked with gas, and that you never run the generator indoors.

4. Filters
As we spend more time indoors during the winter, our air filters will become dirty quicker. Ensure you are checking filters more often and think about replacing them monthly. It is also a great tool for cold and flu season and dealing with allergies.

5. Maintain Indoor Airflow
When bad weather hits, you'll want to double check that your indoor vents are clear and not being blocked by furniture, carpets, blankets, curtains or any other obstruction. Limiting airflow makes it much more difficult to regulate a desired temperature, forcing your heating unit to work harder and cause premature repairs.

6. Upgrade Your Thermostat
Before the next snow storm hits, ensure your thermostat is reading indoor temps correctly. What about getting stranded away from home? A wifi digital thermostat that you can control remotely is a perfect solution to keep your home maintained even when you aren't there.

7. Schedule Regular Maintenance
The best way to ensure your heating system keeps you warm and out of the cold this season is by scheduling regular annual maintenance appointments. Maintenance appointments can spot current problems and often problems that are about to take place.

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