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Spring Cleaning Tips to Maximize Your HVAC Performance

  • News - 2015
  • Spring Cleaning Tips to Maximize Your HVAC Performance

4 may

Spring Cleaning Tips to Maximize Your HVAC Performance

Winter is now in the rear view mirror. As we come out of hibernation, we get ready to welcome warm temps with annual spring cleaning rituals. It's the time of year where we open our windows, and scrub down every inch of our homes. However, cleaning only the things we can see is truly doing just half the job.

If you consider your home's HVAC system as the heart of your air circulation, then don't overlook the importance of adding it to your spring cleaning chores.

Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your central air unit this summer;

Clean Your Exterior Unit
Over the winter debris like dead leaves, grass clippings and sticks may have gathered around or inside your AC grill. Make sure to clean them away, as well as any other brushes or shrubs that may come into contact with the unit. It is also a good idea to hose down the unit's exterior to avoid the compressor overheating.

Replace Air Filters
Replacing air filters seasonally is good practice, however you might consider changing them more often if they get a lot of use, or if you notice they are becoming dirty. It is not unheard of the change them every month in the summer. Make sure you have a good reserve of filters on hand.

Clean Ventilation
You can have the best HVAC unit on the market, but if your home's ventilation is poor you won't be experiencing its full potential. Make sure your ventilation is clean of dust and that there are no breaks causing airflow to escape. It is also good practice to clean your kitchen and bathroom fans and grills at least once a year. Make sure the power is off when you do this.

Test Run Your System
You might consider starting up your AC for a little test run before you need to rely on it. Start it up and listen for anything odd sounding or if it is experiencing any performance issues. If something doesn't look, sound or feel quite right, call us to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment.

Make a Preventative Maintenance Schedule
To get the most life out of your HVAC investment, you should have our service technicians regularly check your unit. Much like a vehicle, issues can often be spotted before a complete breakdown occurs. This practice will result in maximum performance, reduced repair costs and a longer life for your unit.

Install a Programmable Thermostat
Digital programmable thermostats give homeowners complete control of interior temps - even when you are away. With programmable technology, you can let temps rise a bit during the day when nobody is home, then cool them down when you return home after work - all without ever touching your thermostat. Ask us about the right unit for your home.

Consider Purchasing an Energy Efficient System
There are great programs offered by Manitoba Hydro like the Power Smart Residential Loan and PAYS program, as well as rebates that make a new, energy-efficient unit affordable to every home owner. The money you'll save from energy reduction will help pay into the cost of the new system with very little difference at the end of the day.

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