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Detect Home Energy Leaks with Thermal Imaging

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  • Detect Home Energy Leaks with Thermal Imaging

25 Sep

Detect Home Energy Leaks with Thermal Imaging

As a homeowner, one of our biggest monthly expenses is home energy - over half our energy budget is used to heat and cool our home's air and water. It is an expense that is necessary in our climate for obvious reasons. But did you know that it is often an expense that can be reduced through some wise investments back into your home?

A quick and easy way to reveal if your home is leaking energy is with the use of thermal imaging. This digital scan can quickly detect energy leaks and help curb energy loss by visually displaying heat loss as well as visually displaying hot and cold spots. Thermal imaging can also be used as a tool to reveal water penetration/leaks, overloaded electrical circuits, pests and insect infestations, missing insulation, and structural concerns that could slip by an average inspector. By using this technology, thermography allows us to see the invisible, potentially saving you thousands of dollars down the road.

Thermal imaging can detect exactly where your home's envelope is leaking energy/wasting money. If you are experiencing rising energy costs and lower HVAC efficiency, a thermal imaging scan may reveal where you can make some home improvements to help your HVAC system run less than it needs to.

Often thermal imaging will detect problem areas in;

- missing or damaged insulation
- heat loss around windows, doors ceilings, walls and floors
- water moisture
- roof leaks
- pest infestation
- heating and cooling leaks
- damaged window seals
- areas of energy loss

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we often recommend a thermal scan of customers homes in order to make suggestions to maximize their HVAC system's performance and reduce monthly energy bills.

To learn more about thermal imaging or to understand more on how thermal imaging can help enhance your HVAC system's performance, contact us at (204) 953-5700 or by email.