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How Windows Affect Your HVAC System

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  • How Windows Affect Your HVAC System

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How Windows Affect Your HVAC System

Windows are a beautiful component of our home, however they are also the largest openings to the outdoor elements. Windows allow sunlight to enter our living space during the day and can raise temps within minutes. A proper window strategy can make a big difference in your monthly energy costs - costing you money, or saving you money if you know what to do.

The first part of reducing energy costs is being strategic with the positioning of your HVAC's thermostat. Thermostats detect room temperature in close proximity to their locations - so it is wise to set it up in an area you spend the most time in - and out of direct contact from sun beams. If a thermostat is placed in an area of direct sunlight, it can cause overuse of your AC in the summer season, and underuse of your furnace in the winter season - creating uneven temps throughout the rest of your home.

During the summer, don't leave your windows open during the day. This will cause your home to heat up quickly and force your AC to run continuously trying to reduce the temperature. The same holds true during winter months - your furnace will run continuously trying to heat your home if windows are kept open. The best time to open your windows to let in some fresh summer air is typically at night when the outside air is cooler than the inside thermostat settings.

Take advantage of cool, breezy summer days. If a summer day is overcast and breezy, open your windows to get some natural coolness inside. As long as the outdoor temps are slightly lower than the indoor thermostat settings, your AC shouldn't be activated. Also, a breeze can make the air feel up to 15 degrees cooler that what it actually is.

Use curtains to keep hot temps out during the summer, and let them enter during the winter. Drawing your curtains during the daytime in the summer will keep heat out and reduce the workload on your AC. Opening curtains during the day in the winter will allow natural heat to enter and reduce the workload of your furnace. By simply using curtains to let sunlight in or out, can be an effective way to cut energy costs.

Lastly, consider the quality of your windows and ensure they are sealed properly. Learn the difference between single, double or triple pane windows and which option will fit your home and budget the best. Whichever option you decide to invest in, they all require the window to be properly sealed to prevent air leakage which is a huge waste of energy.

Ask about thermostat positioning and thermography which can show the trouble spots in your home's temps. We always provide free, in-home, no-obligation quotes and are experts in indoor clean air solutions. Ask about the latest promotions we are running, and know that our family-owned business is backed by the HRAI and carry an A+ BBB rating. Call us at (204) 953-5700 or book an appointment online.