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Is Your Second Floor Always Too Hot?

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  • Is Your Second Floor Always Too Hot?

25 APR

Is Your Second Floor Always Too Hot?

In older homes, a common problem is the second storey floor always being too hot in the summer months. It usually reminds homeowners on the first hot days of summer with scorching temps. Maybe you've tried correcting the problem with closing curtains, running fans or opening windows at night, but it keeps coming back. What is causing this problem?

Keep in mind that hot air rises. If your cooling unit is on the first floor, it must remove hot air from your home to let cool air take its place. The system has to work harder to distribute cool air the your second floor. Some considerations you need to look at when choosing a proper AC with a 2-storey home is, square footage, number of levels, number of rooms, and ventilation.

Another reason your second storey floor may be too hot might be because of your roof. If your roof is not deflecting heat from the sun, it will warm your attic faster. It is important that you have proper attic ventilation to avoid damage to your roof and turning your second storey into a sauna. With a overheating attic, your AC may never keep up to the demand.

Ductwork is another common area for improper air distribution. Ducts are responsible for delivering air throughout your home. If the ducts are not sealed properly, air can escape before it reaches the desired room. This causes weak distribution of airflow and costly waste of energy.

Dirty filters on your exterior and interior HVAC units are another common area for poor system performance. Regular filter cleanings ensure your system is working as effectively as possible - cost wise and performance wise.

Lastly, check your home for air leakage around windows, doors and other obvious places. If cool air is escaping as fast as your cooling system is supplying it, it forces your unit to work harder - costing you more in energy bills and putting more wear and tear on your cooling system.

Although these potential issues might not be DIY repairs, as homeowners we must all understand the bigger issues all these little problems can cause. A certified HVAC technician, given the opportunity, is able to spot these areas of concern with some open communication with customers.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electric, we are experts in delivering cool air to homeowners all summer long. We are available for emergency service 24/7 and offer free, in-home, no-obligation consultations on new sales calls. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you the right cooling system based on your home's specs and your lifestyle. Contact us for your next heating, cooling or hot water need.

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