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Why is my Furnace Making a Loud Banging Noise?

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  • Why is my Furnace Making a Loud Banging Noise?

25 Feb

Why is my Furnace Making a Loud Banging Noise?

Does your furnace make a large banging noise when it fires up? There are several things that may cause a loud banging sound, but the most common cause is something called delayed ignition. Here are a few things to know about delayed ignition and what to do if you experience it.

When temps drop and your thermostat signals your furnace to start, a gas valve opens which sends gas to the burners for ignition. Delayed ignition occurs when that gas isn't ignited immediately. This delay allows gas to build up in the furnace until it finally ignites - causing a small explosion inside your furnace.

This mini explosion can cause permanent damage to your furnace and is a fire hazard to your home. It is important to call certified HVAC company as soon as possible for repair.

In most cases, delayed ignition occurs when you first turn on your furnace after a long period of inactivity. Moisture and/or corrosion can sometimes build up making it difficult for the burners to ignite after months off. Routine furnace inspection and cleanings can remedy this situation before it happens. We recommend annual service inspections to keep your heating system running optimally.

Some other possible causes of delayed ignition are too much air mixed with gas which make sit hard to ignite. Too little gas feeding into the burners which causes low gas pressure. Dirty or restricted pilot light which is common with older furnaces. Misaligned or dirty burners are also a cause of delayed ignition.

Delayed ignition is not the only noise maker. Listen for clicking, scrapping, rattling or squealing. Wiring, blower wheel, loose panels as well as belts and motors are all possible causes of noises listed above.

Regardless of the type of noise your furnace may be making, the best solution is always booking a licensed HVAC technician as soon as possible to keep problems to a minimum and keep you safe.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical we are professionally trained to spot your noise problem and have decades of experience repairing all furnace issues. If you are experiencing noise from your furnace, call us any time of day at (204) 953-5700. We will get you running smooth again in a timely matter.

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