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The Good and the Bad on Portable Space Heaters

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  • The Good and the Bad on Portable Space Heaters

26 Jan

The Good and the Bad on Portable Space Heaters

Space heaters can be a 'quick-fix' in regards to your winter comfort. When the long, cold winter months set in, we typically raise the temperature on our central heating units. This is when people often turn to the use of space heaters. There is a certain role portable space heaters can play if you don't intend on warming your entire house - a quick, short-term solution.

Space heaters have developed a bad reputation as fire hazards. In fact, in North America they are blamed for as many as 60% of winter house fires. If you own and use a portable space heater, here are a few tips to keep you as safe as possible.

Keep your heater away from anything that can burn - including bedding, furniture or curtains. Keep items at least 3 feet away at all times.

Do not use extension cords and keep cords visible to avoid tripping over them or causing the heater to fall over.

Turn off space heaters when unattended - this includes leaving the room, going to bed or stepping away from your home.

Don't use space heaters in wet or damp areas unless it is specifically made for that environment.

Don't use gas or oil burning space heaters indoors - only outdoors or in open spaces like porches.

Choose an electric space heater that has safety features such as tip-over, switch, overheat and touch sensors to help prevent burns or fires.

Lastly, read and follow all manufacturer's directions that come with your space heater.

Please be aware that space heaters are more of an 'add-on' as opposed to a necessity. They are convenient, but are significantly more inefficient that your home's central heating system. If running a space heat is your home's main heating source, you are spending more money on energy costs in the long run - and should be looking at other ways to remedy your situation, such as home improvements and an upgrade to your central heating system.

At 4 Seasons Heating, Cooling & Electrical we are heating experts that can help deliver the perfect indoor environment through the winter months. We have all the knowledge and expertise to install an appropriate home heating system that fits within our building's specs, your lifestyle and your budget. We are a family-based company backed by industry quality organizations like the HRAI and have an A+ BBB rating.

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